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Vaastu The Key To Prosperity For Homes And Offices

Author: 1stKeys

What is Vaastu Shastra in a nutshell?

Vaastru Shastra is a guiding document unifying science, art, astrology and astronomy on building and architectural mechanism. It is also considered to be mystic science originating in India. The guidance scripture deals with 5 natural elements establishing balance with man to provide beneficial results in construction science affecting health, wealth, prosperity in human life. Vaastu Shastra is not only followed for residential homes but also for commercial properties.

Tips to Attract Health and Wealth at Home

Home is our abode of peace and also the place that inspires us to live and love. The entrance of the home is the most significant part and according to Vaastu principles, the door should never be on the south-west direction. The south-west corner is the creator of wealth and hence any kind of stuff that is related to wealth like safety lockers, jewelry or cash inside cupboards can be placed at the corner facing east with north wide open.

The north-east corner is the corner of God and brings in prosperity. Avoid placing shrines or temples on this side and structures like well, pumps etc. will attract positive vibes. Keep the corner free from clutter and dirt. You can also place a water fountain to attract financial prosperity into your house. A window wide open and absolutely clean is capable of bringing in good vibes to maintain good health.

Tips to Build Up Successful Business

Finances, strength and debt trap are the primary areas which must be addressed to build up a successful business. In order to strengthen the finances of company the people in authority like CEOs should occupy South or South-West corners while their subordinates should the North-West or South-East areas. The CFO should occupy the North and East sectors along with his/her staff. The Central North and South-West are best for cash and other assets and also for transactions.

North is an important side in Vaastu because the god of wealth- Kuber resides in the northern direction and hence this side must not be blocked. In fact, the activation of air and water needs to be increased. Placing a picture of running water or fountain helps build positive energy and opens up any kind of blocks. If you have the central part of your office blocked, clean it up fast to bring in positive energy and keep an aquarium with 1 black fish and 9 gold fish in the north-east to enhance cash flow.

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