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Why Is It Considered As The Best Time To Invest In Commercial Real Estate

Author: 1stKeys

The trade pundits are suggesting that it is certainly the best time to invest in the commercial property or commercial real estate. Why here are the reasons. India’s most influential Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has launched its must awaited Start Up India campaign. This is considered as the master stroke of the Modi government on the agenda of the development. According to this, the entrepreneurs get the flexibility to get credit in order to boost their business. Moreover, the easy to re-pay option is also provided to the entrepreneurs.

Real Estate Bill

The Government has passed its much awaited Real Estate Bill. This bill is considered as the masterstroke of PM Modi’s to curb corruption. According to this bill, each of the property has to get registered with the regulator so that the buyers get the genuine project. The commencement of this bill certainly bring transparency in the real estate industry. So, if you are looking to invest in the commercial real estate, then this is perfect time as the government is striving hard to bring transparency into this. This bill also empowers the buyers as two-third majority is required in order to change the layout of the building or complex. So, this is certainly a win-win situation for the buyers.

How Start Up India policy affects Investment in the Commercial Real Estate?

This scheme is considered as the master stroke on the agenda of development. This scheme directly influences the commercial real estate business. The first & foremost thing is that it will enhance the demand for the commercial complexes. The entrepreneurs will need commercial places & buildings to set up new offices. As per trade pundits, the leasing of the commercial building will certainly yield good dividends to the investors. Though previous years have seen a slowdown in the real estate business, but the analysts are suggesting that now the time has changed and it is considered as the best time to invest in the commercial real estate.

Make in India

To boost economy, the government has also launched Make in India Campaign to attract foreign investor. This scheme influences the commercial real estate to a greater extent as this will increase the demand for the commercial places for the offices.


Though the commercial real estate has seen a drastic slowdown in the previous few years but the good time for this industry has just come. The government is trying hard to bring transparency to this industry. Moreover, the development schemes of the government will also going to influence this industry to a greater extent. In the coming time, the requirement for the commercial places as well as for the offices will certainly going to see a rise. Thus, it is certainly wise to invest in the commercial real estate.

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