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Dwarka Expressway The Route To Real Estate Success


The Dwarka Expressway is possibly the most important area in Delhi NCR region from the perspective of infrastructural development and real estate. This expressway connects Gurgaon to Dwarka and is in high demand for its real estate development potential. The 18kilomeetrs long stretch has already seen development of real estate projects along with other essential development as part of the model modern city plan 2031.

The Expressway Connectivity

We all know that the real estate development is contingent upon infrastructural development. In this regard the Dwarka Expressway has brought several advantages for real estate developers and investors. The road is almost 81% complete and it connects Delhi, Gurgaon and Manesar to Dwarka while also providing faster access to the nearest airport. Moreover, the Dwarka Expressway has established connection between the new metro railway and its surrounding areas while also linking the second diplomatic enclave coming up at Sector 113 as part of Dwarka Phase II.

The Real Realty Scenario

Termed as the ‘lifeline’ for people in Dwarka, Manesar and Gurgaon region, the Dwarka Expressway has sparked interest among the builders and the buyers alike because of its impeccable connectivity. Different types of properties are developing along the expressway which provides more options to buyers. The prices for the properties have shot up to INR 6,250 per square feet with riding demands.

According to the master plan for 2031 this area will be known as New Gurgaon and is deemed to become a planned, plush, urban area with affordable real estate properties and also other essential centers like schools, hospitals and shopping malls. The different sectors have already been divided into residential, commercial and public utility sectors with a healthy mix of all these attracting lots of working couples to buy properties in the area.


The number of residences coming up is predicted to be more than 42,000 in the various sectors of New Gurgaon. All the major builders of the country have launched their luxurious yet affordable projects along the Dwarka Expressway to present a fantastic living experience to the residents. With wide and well maintained roads the expressway offers smoothest drive without much traffic and congestion. Since, the area is developing strictly following the Gurgaon-Manesar Master Plan 2031, the number of residential units is already known. Some of the townships and cities inside the area cover around 400 acres of land with imposing buildings and beautiful landscapes making it the most desired spot for property buyers.

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