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Bedroom D Eacute Cor Tips To Make It Cozier


Bedroom is the place of peace, rest and love. Therefore, it demands more attention than any other place in your home and in order to make it cozier for the inmates you can add some and subtract other elements of the bedroom. It is the place of warmth during winters and cool during summer months. Whether you snuggle up with your kids or huddle with your doggy, it has to be special.

An All Natural Tone Adds Warmth

An all natural tone adds warmth and peace to your bedroom. It becomes the actual place to see refuge to after a hard day’s work in the real world. Diluted washed wood walls and muted shades on all fabrics brings in the much required tranquility to the bedroom. Grays, soft blues, pale pink and whites are incorporated to bring calm and peace of mind. To make it appear crispier and not dull, white bed linens can be added to the bed which also looks fresh and clean. For bedroom nothing can actually beat natural shades because they exude warmth and comfort for a relaxed sleep every night.

Linen and Florals

Flowers can never be beaten in terms of beauty and freshness. They add a charm in the bedroom which can be matched by few other things. You can either have wallpaper with floral designs on one side of the wall or just above your head or a bunch of fresh flowers inside a porcelain vase, they add smile to your face. To complement this floral abundance, add texture to your bed by introducing layers and linen instead of plain cotton bed sheets. Velvet and satin could also be smooth choices depending on your taste. Make sure to have floral prints on the sheets and pillow covers to make your bedroom a bed of roses.

A Four-Poster Canopy Bed in Bedroom

A bedroom becomes completely cozy when the bed is perfect for the inmates. You can add a twist by creating a canopy like structure by draping a piece of fabric in light shade up and over the top using all the 4 bed posts. This instantly becomes the focal point of the room and invites you to relax being the den. Moreover, the canopy will be floaty during summer months and heavy and insulating during winters. Be sure to match the color of the fabric with the color of your bedroom.

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