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Indian Home Decor Inspired By Rich Cultural Heritage

Author: 1stKeys

India is a land of rich cultural heritage and it should reflect in our homes. There are various ways to enrich the décor of our homes by adding things or objects that will reflect the richness in Indian culture. Varied and diverse these home décor ideas will be more welcoming and out of the box for your guests.

Elements Helping in Indian Styled Home Décor

Patterns and colors are an integral part of Indian art and craft which adds richness to the home décor. Patterns like paisley in silk or cotton fabrics add the much required Indian aspect to your home. Use rugs, cushion covers, hangings, bed sheet, upholstery with this pattern in bright colors. India is a land of colors and different types of colors find importance in different parts of the country. You can either have a heady mix of colors in Indian patterns to choose some of the colors to make you décor look more Indian. For example, deep burnt shades and jewel tones are distinctly Indian in flavor and exude more radiance than any other shade.

Flooring and Furniture in Indian Décor

India is a sub-tropical climatic country and hence requires cool flooring options. Granite, wood, tile and marble are some sorts of floorings used in Indian homes which blend fashion and functionality seamlessly. Rosewood, ebony and teak wood are used for making furniture in India. They are durable, usually sync with the home décor and also add some rustic element to the home décor. This will be particularly a great choice if you wish to add rustic element to your home décor to make it appear more Indian. Nowadays, interior designers are making some lovely asymmetrical pieces of wood items to provide an urban Indian look to the homes.

Indian Themed Paintings, Wall Hangings and Vase

Historical, mythological, floral, musical are some of the themes explored in Indian paintings currently. All these themes display the precious cultural heritage of India. Add choicest paintings blending with the style of your rooms. You can also use wooden, clay or porcelain flower vases with Indian paintings on them and fill them up with beautiful, fragrant seasonal flowers to add more color and Indian element into your room. Wall hangings and statues also play an important role in home décor. Choose objects from glass work, matwork, and cloth stitched hangings which are intrinsically India. Statues of various Indian Gods and Goddesses are also among top picks.

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