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Go Green In Your Search For Residential Property

Author: 1stKeys

In this age of internet and pace we are using up all the natural resources of planet earth which is gradually pushing us towards extinction. According to environmentalists, it is high time for every nation especially the developing ones to maintain ecological balance that promotes Green housing. This is a kind of home which focuses on sustainability; proper usage of energy, water and building materials with low utility costs; healthy outdoor and indoor. This kind of home contributes towards better quality of life.

What are the Advantages of Green Building?

In order for a housing to be green, it must meet certain guidelines laid down by Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment in India. The authority verifies housings on all the parameters set for green housing projects through various stages of construction. There are various advantages of residing in a green house ranging from economic to environmental and social. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Reduced energy consumption is the primary advantage of green building. By implementing certain mechanisms like solar power, day lighting, recycling etc. the emission of harmful gases can be controlled along with using renewable energy resources.
  • Conservation and restoration of natural resources are possible through recycling which can be used in other places like recycled water which is used in irrigation.
  • Temperature can be controlled in green building through proper selection of sites and usage of building material while also cutting down on waste products which are most harmful for environment.
Social Advantages
  • Green building improves natural ventilation which promotes good health.
  • It also supports efficient infrastructure because it is less demanding on power grid and water capability.
  • Promotes overall health and healthier lifestyle
Economic Advantages
  • Proper building construction can reduce utility costs and enhance performance of many appliances. For example, a green home with proper ventilation will cut down on the usage of AC translating into reduced electricity bills and the same is true for day lighting and solar power usage.
  • The Resale value of green homes is much more than usual ones because of reduced energy needs and easy maintenance.

In India, all the smart cities have taken green building projects seriously. Cities like Mumbai, Gurgaon, Pune, Bangalore are pioneering the initiative. There are certain constraints in the process but with government aid India will soon become a green country.

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